5 fun activities to do at home with your kids

Five fun activities to do at home with your kids that are not Netflix

Are games still a thing now that we have social media, Youtube and Netflix? Oh you betcha! Lately my boys have gotten into some fun activities like Building Blocks, Connect Four and Pokemon Battle -yes the 80s/90s are back! Although, I’m not sure how I feel about the return of that era yet. Here are some ideas that you can do at home with your kids that aren’t Netflix.

Make play stations

It’s all about making stations for your kids with limited options of toys/crafts to choose from. This is helpful in making sure your littles aren’t overwhelmed. Decision fatigue is real! Get rid of the clutter and set up three stations. Whatever you feel like your kid is into, such a Play-Doh station with different materials collected from outside (leaves, sticks, etc.) so your kids can get creative.

Open-ended play with resourced materials

Some open-ended play with resourced materials we suggest are: pots/pans/spatulas to make a drum circle for music. My boys and I love the Oxo Spinner a la Jennie Monness from mo’mommies. We love the Oxo Spinner  because you can do so much with it: Oxo Spinner and Spin art. You can also put light up toys in it and turn off the light and have a disco party.

Creative play

This can be so many things! The key to creative play is having activities that really stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity. Some of our favorite activities we enjoy as a family are:

  • music circle – with guitars and shakers.
  • building blocks – as seen in the photo above with my son Zach
  • arts and crafts (you can find some fun ideas on the blog or Instagram page)

My youngest, Evan, is really into making things with his hands! And my eldest, Zach, loves any art project involving paint!


My boys love puzzles! It’s such a fun and relaxing way that we use to spend time together after dinner. Something new we’ve tried most recently with puzzles is having each of my sons complete a puzzle on their own-with my help of course- and make it into a competition to see who can finish first. They love a friendly competition, but mostly love the feeling of accomplishing a puzzle. I have to admit I love seeing their joy when finishing a puzzle too!

Board games

Some of our favorite board games we like to play together as a family are Candyland, DoorDash game, Sorry, Pokemon Battle, Connect Four and Chess. Fun fact, Zach has found that he wins each round of Connect Four while listening to Beethoven’s Symphony in the background. My son chooses to listen to Beethoven…not mad about that at all.

I hope I was able to provide you with some fun ideas that you can do with your own family.

And if you’re searching for some educational activities, filled with music and creative play, check out our jam pods.

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