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Jam with Jamie is a nationwide children’s entertainment company specializing in music for birthday parties, events, public and private classes/playgroups and preschool music education.

Our mission is to bring music into children’s lives and spark the little musician that lives inside every child. We have over 50 performers jamming their way into the hearts of families across the country.

Thousands of Parties and Events. Jamming Nationwide.
Pre-Schools across the country.
50+ performers.
Millions of views on Youtube.
Millions of happy children.




In 2007, after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Jamie moved to NYC to be a Broadway actress. She was auditioning for every musical under the sun and to supplement her income she was teaching ​children’s music classes at Citibabes in Soho. Her mom, Cheryl, who has since passed, told her that she had a family friend looking for someone to perform at a birthday party and ​encouraged her to look into it! She helped her come up with the name Jam with Jamie and made business cards on her home computer to get Jamie started. What started as a couple parties here and there, quickly turned into jam packed weekends performing at kids birthdays, hopping around the tri-state area and fitting in as many parties as she could in a day. With a guitar on her back and a bag of fun musical instruments and props, Jamie was like a modern day Bert from Mary Poppins!
As the business continued to grow, Jamie realized that she needed to find more performers that had as much passion for music and kids as she did to keep up with the demand. She began to handpick and train talented musicians to do what is now known as our signature Classic Jam. Over the years, more talented performers joined the team and Jam with Jamie has expanded beyond the NYC tri-state area and is now nationwide with performers in Miami (Jamie’s hometown!), Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago, and Dallas. Ten years later, Jam with Jamie has more than 50 entertainers across eight states performing at birthday parties, classes, and events every day of the week with plans to expand internationally. They have multiple party packages and entertainment options to be a one-stop shop for any party or event a client could dream of. They do music classes and playgroups, and have music teachers with a fully customized Jam with Jamie curriculum in multiple preschools across the United States.