Where do you travel to?

Jam with Jamie and Friends will travel to your home or party location in NYC and the Tri-State area, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Nashville.

When should we start entertainment?

We recommend entertainment to start 45-60 minutes into the party if you are serving food, otherwise we suggest 30 minutes into the party to allow time for your guests to arrive.

When will the entertainer arrive?

The entertainer will arrive at least 15 minutes to the set entertainment start time.

What activities should we expect?

We will bring a variety of props and instruments to your party location including shakers, animal puppets, scarves, bubbles, and a parachute. All of the songs we sing correlate to the instruments and props. We encourage everyone including the adults to get their groove on and join in on the fun – Dancing, Singing, Rockin’ and Rollin’! Please see our packages for more details.

What happens if we have to reschedule?

We will work with you to reschedule based on our availability on a different day but cannot guarantee this as we do book far in advance.

What do you need from us for your set-up?

We are able to do parties in any space, but we ask that you clear out the largest area for us to Jam in so that the kids (and adults!) have enough room to dance and play. Please put away any of your children’s toys prior to our set-up to minimize distractions.

Can children eat during the entertainment?

We suggest you serve food to the children before or after the entertainment. We encourage a lot of interaction from the children, so this suggestion is for their safety.

I am not sure if I want to have my party at home, do you have any suggestions on places we can hold our party?

Yes! Whether you are in Miami, New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, or Nashville we have tons of suggestions on event spaces. Just contact us!