5 simple packing tips that will make your life easier

5 simple packing tips that will make your life easier

Before I let you in on my simple packing tips, let me tell you a little about how I used to pack. You see that picture on the left? This was us when we moved from NYC to Miami. Talk about a lot of baggage.

I am the type of packer who puts everything in the bag because I am indecisive and it’s easier to just throw it all in there. But once I get to a destination and have WAY more than I need, and I’m schlepping a million bags from car to plane to car, up and down elevators and stairs- I am definitely second guessing my decisions. So I am taking the plunge to look more like this happy family (see below).

So I am taking the plunge to look more like this happy family.

JK, no one looks like this, nor should they! Let’s find a happy medium from 5 million bags to carry-on bags – when we can.

I have had my bags lost too many times and I am not looking for a work out when I travel. Three kids is work out enough. I have come up with 5 semi-pro packing tips (the type of tips you learn from experience) for how to pack as light as you can for your family.

5 semi-pro packing tips that will make your family vacation feel like a breeze

1. Make a packing list

It really is a life saver, especially for parents on the go like my husband and I. Once you’ve created a list, check it several times just to make sure you’ve got all your family will need for the upcoming trip. It also helps to check off the items on the list as you’re packing them. Nothing like feeling extremely accomplished with a checked off list. Well actually, getting your whole family through TSA with time left to spare to grab coffee before you board the plane totally beats that. Keep reading on, we will get you to the point! 

Semi-Pro Tip: Print your packing list then laminate it. Use a dry erase marker to tick off items and wipe clean so you can reuse the list over and over again.

2. Everyone has their own carry-on

If you have multiple littles, give each kid their own bag. I love this bag from State bags and if you can, get the matching backpack to go with the rolling suitcase. Worth the splurge. Not only are they cute, easy for kids ages 3+ to roll themselves but they also have so much packing room. I suggest putting all their clothes and toiletries in their carry on and their toys and plane goodies in the backpack.

For kids under 3, I personally have combined mine and my kids/babies stuff together in 1 bigger bag. However, I try to avoid checking bags as much as I can- especially for trips under 5 days! And let’s be honest, how often are we traveling with kids for more than 5 days? 

3. Don’t pack everything you think you’ll need

I know, easier said than done. This totally contradicts number 1, but seriously you never end up wearing all 30 outfits on your 5-day trip. Trust me, I’ve tried to do this multiple times to no avail. Yes, you will still look great in all 10 outfits you decide to keep in your luggage. Promise.

4. Pack a spare set of your children’s clothes in your carry on…or theirs!

Don’t pack all of your children’s clothes in their suitcases. Accidents happen- but of course you don’t need that reminder. Packing some clothes in their carry-ons not only saves space in their actual luggage (for goodies they’ll want to bring back as keepsakes) but also, helps you out when those accidents do happen.

Also, bring an extra shirt for yourself in case of all of the things- spilled drinks, yogurt, poop/pee mishaps. You name it- i’ve flown with it on my shirt and regretted not having a spare.

5. Make sure you email all the important travel documents to yourself

This goes without saying. Traveling can be a bit of a haze already but add in little people to the mix and I forget what color socks I’m wearing, let alone if I remembered to put on socks. With the added element of CV-19 test results, on top of identification documents for everyone in your tribe- one of these items is bound to get lost in the mix.  Another semi-pro tip here is to add all tickets in your Apple wallet for easy access.

I hope these tips will make traveling easier and less stressful for you. Safe travels friends!

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