DIY Paper Cup Jack-O-Lanterns ⁠

DIY Paper Cup Jack-O-Lanterns ⁠

Here is a fun craft you can try with the kids for Halloween!

What you will need:⁠
– Paper cups⁠
– Orange paint⁠
– Paint brush⁠
– Pencil⁠
– Black sharpie⁠
– Popsicle stick⁠
– Green Chenille Stems (craft pipe cleaners)⁠
– Flameless tea candles⁠
– Box cutter⁠

Instructions: ⁠

1. Paint the cup with orange paint and let it dry. (Add a second coat if needed)⁠
2. Draw some eyes and a mouth with the pencil and fill it with black sharpie. ⁠
3. Make a hole where the nose would go with the pencil. ⁠
4. Insert flameless tea light candles from the inside. ⁠
5. Make a slit on the top of the cup to insert popsicle stick.⁠
6. Wrap green chenille stem around popsicle⁠
7. Turn on the candle and you’re done!⁠

Now go decorate your front door with these!⁠

Share a photo and tag us on social media once you create your own paper cup Jack-O-Lanterns!