Jamie Takes the Mic: My Recent Podcast Appearances

Hi friends! I’m excited to share some news with you – I’ve had the privilege of being a guest on not one … not two … but TEN fantastic podcasts over the last few years.

It’s been an incredible experience sharing my experiences as a busy mom of 3, as I juggle the ups and downs of family life with running my own business.

During these conversations, I’ve discussed everything from the power of music in childhood, to loss, love, life, and the importance of laughter and friendships to navigate through it all.

If you missed any of these episodes or are curious to learn more about my life,I’ve put together a Spotify playlist where you can listen to all my podcast appearances in one place: Jamie’s Podcasts on Spotify.

I want to extend my gratitude to the incredible podcast hosts who invited me to be part of their shows. It’s been a pleasure connecting with fellow parents and enthusiasts of children’s music and entertainment.

Take a moment to explore these podcast episodes, and if you find them inspiring or insightful, please consider subscribing, leaving a review, or sharing them with your friends.

Your support means the world!

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