Leaning into Joy With Small Moments

Leaning into Joy With Small Moments


Our homes are where our families begin. Where we retreat to, learn from each other, and exist as our most vulnerable selves.

For 2023, I am not on some sort of organization conquest, but I AM setting up my home to have as many happy, healthy, small and joyful moments! Here are the products I am loving right now.

Also, I’d love to hear from you, are there any products that are making your transition to the new year feel joyful? DM me on Instagram and tell me about it!

Jamie Kolnicks favorite items for the family

1. This Heather Harlan T shirt is just HALF of a badass female-owned brand collab with Elia Fulmen. For $200 you get the t-shirt AND one of her gorgeous fine gold chains. Calling the high / low luxury mix my new uniform.

2. I love a hoop, but these threaders are a welcome change and I always get compliments!

3. Ok, Ok the iridescent packaging was the first thing I loved about this product, but after I put this body scrub in my shower routine – I am fully in love.

4. These stepping stones are beautiful anywhere in the house and encourage imaginative play at any age.

5. This book is absolutely amazing and perfect for Valentines day if you are ready to be prepared! Each page has a fill in the blank about why you love someone. I am planning to have the kids do it and give to the hubs!

6. Loving the hibiscus smell of this non-toxic shampoo and body wash. One step and done? Yep. That’s my style.

7. I love to travel and this one is on my OWN personal wishlist for the boys! Scooting and luggage in one, are you kidding? We need it, we’re getting it.

8. This candle smells so amazing and makes me feel like I’m on vacation even when I am not.

9. HAVE YOUR KIDS BEEN SICK NON STOP TOO!? I am implementing fervent hand sanitizer in my house and at least these fun colors make me smile. (Buy the pack because it is more sustainable to buy in bulk!)

10. This peaceful tea is perfect when I need a little help slowing down. My life is fast paced and sometimes just a sip of warm tea can help me relax in the evenings.

11. Add a few drops of essential oils to this diffuser and you’ll feel like you’re at a high class spa. (Just close your eyes and let the laundry wait!)

12. A chic air purifier is the latest edition to my home to help keep the kids healthy and IN school.

13. I do a lot of floor sitting… do you? Maybe it’s having kids, maybe it is hosting a Jam with Jamie rehearsal at my house, but I love a good floor cushion. that is fashionable and comfortable. Like this one!

14. Writing and planning my day to day is just that much more joyful when I use smelly pretty pens.

15. I’ve been letting the kids use bath bombs – it’s a great trick to get them to actually WANT to take a bath! I love this one for them AND myself.

16. Have you fallen in love with Dr. Becky yet? I am learning so much from this book.

17. It’s the little things in life… so I upgraded my Trader Joes bag to this one that brings me more joy!

18. Popcorn is one of life’s greatest gifts. Tell me this pink popcorn maker doesn’t make movie night that much more fun?