Spooky Season at My House

October has always been one of my favorite months of the year.

I love the costumes, the decorations… how whole neighborhoods lean into the drama of it all!

Now that we are settled in our home in Miami, I’ve been having a ton of fun with decor items.

(And of course, we are a part of some EPIC Halloween parties all over the country.)

So, I’m sharing here the things that are bringing the season to life for me.

I hope it helps bring some festivity into your home, too!

  1. I honestly think there’s nothing better than a scented hand soap to match the time of year. Every time you wash your hands, it’s like a little celebration of the season! Pumpkin Cupcake? Yes, please.
  2. These flameless LED candles are super safe for kids, yet look dramatic and are versatile for a lot of different decor styles. I like how they add a little bit of spooky-ness while blending into my home.
  3. Meri Meri has some of my absolute favorite party materials – these Ombre ghosts plates are so cute to bring for the classroom Halloween parties!
  4. These metallic napkins have a beautiful ‘dia de los muertos’ look to them! A sparkly contrast to the white ghost plates to round out the party table.
  5. Stickable bats FOR THE WIN. Quite possibly the easiest and most versatile Halloween decor. They are so fun to arrange on a wall in your house, on a door, or over a mantle. I want to hug whoever invented these.
  6. These jammies have the cutest neon color scheme – I love them!
  7. The best decorated houses on the block always have these projectors. They just take the whole outdoor decor to the next level. I’m excited to get one for our yard and switch out at the holidays!
  8. Okay I had to include this because the pom-pom banners are so cute for a festive flare in kids room. These are fall colors so I think I will leave them up in Zoey’s room through November.
  9. Rock On Skeleton? The rock star in me had to say yes of course.
  10. Lastly, have you tried this amazing EDIBLE GLITTER that makes your cocktails spooky?! SUCH a fun conversation starter for your adult halloween parties!