Sweet Surprises For Little Valentines

Sweet Surprises for Little Valentines

As a busy mom of 3, juggling work, school schedules, activities, and all of the tiny things that make up our daily routine can be so overwhelming! I’ll be the first to admit that from time to time, I can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the demands of life as a parent and business owner, and I’ve really been making it a point to be mindful of that lately, and to take time to check in with my family and slow down. That’s why this year, instead of dreading that unspoken pressure to make every second of Valentine’s Day feel straight out of a Pinterest board, I’m focusing on the small ways I can shower my kiddos with love and affection, so that no matter how hectic the days can get, they know that they are loved in a BIG way!

1. Lunch Box Notes: If cutting every fruit and veggie in your child’s lunchbox into the shape of a doll-sized heart doesn’t quite fit into your morning routine, this one might be for you. I ordered this pack of pop-open cards for kids and I plan on slipping one into each child’s lunchbox in the morning, and maybe even hiding one or two in their backpacks and under their pillow for an extra surprise. The notes say things like “You’re wonderful exactly as you are” and “I love you fiercer than a roaring lion.” and there’s a place in the back to add a little note of your own, too!

2. DIY Musical Instruments: Okay, so maybe it’s not an official part of the five love languages – but music is definitely one of my love languages. After school, I plan on recycling items from the house to make homemade musical instruments with the kiddos. From shakers made from rice-filled containers and drums made from empty oatmeal canisters, the possibilities here are endless – just use anything you’ve got at home! And to jazz it up a bit, I ordered these stickers and gems to give our instruments a little extra flair. Of course, we’ll follow this up with a family band performance of all my favorite love songs!

3. Matching Outfits: This one might work best with younger kiddos – and to be honest, I wasn’t quite able to get Evan and Zach on board just yet (maybe pajamas?) – but since Zoey is still young enough to not protest (too much 😉) I am thrilled to still be able to twin with her from time to time. I ordered this matching set for us – I can’t deal with the tiny flares, nothing makes me add to cart faster than some 90’s nostalgia!

4. Love-Story Time: As part of our bedtime routine each night we try to designate about 20 minutes for story time. This Valentine’s Day, I decided to add a special twist by picking out a few new fun books with themes of love, family, and friendship. I picked up Love from Bluey (anyone else love the new episodes?!), Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day is Cool, and Silly and Hilarious Valentine’s Day Jokes for Kids – because who couldn’t use a good laugh at the end of the day?!

5. Family Photoshoot: I love having photos of my family, but I don’t always love the pressure of a family photoshoot. From booking a professional photographer, outfits, meltdowns the day of – you name it, I’ve been there – it just isn’t feasible for every single holiday, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the memories saved forever. Having this instant camera on hand has helped me capture the moments in a way that removes all pressure for the perfect Instagram-worthy moment. Usually, my favorite ones end up being the ones that we look our silliest! I also love letting Zach and Evan take turns with the camera – it’s the only way Shaun and I can get a photo together these days!

Amidst the chaos and craziness of daily life, it’s so important to hit the pause button and focus on what really counts – reminding our little ones just how loved and special they are, and making memories we will all keep forever. So, as we dive headfirst into this day of love, here’s to remembering to treasure the hilarious moments, the messy mishaps, and the heartwarming memories that make our families so wonderfully unique. 💖

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