5 easy steps to create the cutest Valentine’s Day Card

5 easy steps to create the cutest Valentine’s Day Card

Looking for some Valentine’s day kids entertainment? Check out this great and fun craft for preschool children. We love the idea of making these at a children’s party!

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valentine's day card

Materials Needed:

1. Yellow, Black and Beige construction paper

2. Glue stick

3. Googly eyes

4. Red or Pink marker (not shown)

5. Black pen/marker

valentine's day card

Now that we have all our material ready, let’s get crafty and make our Valentine’s Day BEE mine card:

1. Draw and cut 2 black hearts (body), 2 beige hearts (wings), 1 yellow heart (body) and 1 double heart folded in half (this will be used as the card)

  • If you own a Cricut machine, you can use it to make the lines a lot cleaner. If not, you can freehand or try to find a stencil or heart shape to outline.
valentine's day card

2. Layer and glue the yellow and black hearts on top of each other. 

  • The double sided yellow heart goes on top. Flap should open to the left. Then you will layer the black heart, yellow heart and black heart at the bottom.
valentine's day card

3. Turn the body around and glue the beige hearts (wings) to the back. Follow by gluing the antennas to the back top of the head.

valentine's day card

4. Turn the bee over again, apply clear glue to the googly eyes and glue down. Then take a colored marker of your choice to draw the mouth.

valentine's day card

5. Write a cute message on the card and you’re all done!

Take a picture and tag our Instagram Page with your Valentine BEE Mine Cards. We can’t wait to see your masterpiece 🥳

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