What I’m gifting myself this year for Mother’s Day

What I’m gifting myself this year for Mother’s Day

It’s almost that time of the year again! The time I aspire to get an hour to myself and always fail to – Mother’s Day. Every Mother’s Day, I sit in gratitude for the amazing family I have. They are truly the best gift I could’ve asked for. But let’s be real, who doesn’t like a gift (or two) for being the greatest Mom in the world? AKA Poopy Mommy, my five year olds favorite thing to call me, real terms of endearment over here. Now you guys know gift-giving is one of my love languages. I thoroughly enjoy the process of finding the perfect gift for someone and witnessing their reaction when they get their hands on it. It sparks joy the same way a clean house does! However, my favorite gift-giving is the ones I give myself. And this year, I encourage you all to do the same.

As moms, we just about do it all – carpool, cooking, the morning AND bedtime routine. The list goes on. This isn’t me downplaying what our significant others do (thanks Fair Play) but let’s be honest it’s so much easier to do it ourselves than having them ask a million and one questions of the process. My mama’s that are in the “but why?” stage get what I’m saying! Ideally, I would LOVE a coupon book that gives me an hour (at home) to myself or a “I wake up with the kids card” sounds pretty dreamy. Though my kids always find me, so maybe a two night spa vacay away is a better idea.

With that being said, Shaun, get that credit card out because MAMA IS READY to be spoiled! Here’s a short list and we can pretend it was your idea.

Jamie’s List:
1. Naomi Necklace
2. Perfect White Tee
3. High Waist Leggings
4. Villa Jogger
5. New Balance 574 Classics
6. Amazon Favorites