Zach’s Miami Basketball Birthday Party

Zach’s Miami Basketball Birthday Party

Do you remember your birthday parties during the elementary school years?

I have a vivid memory of a pool party at my house in the second grade. The decorations, my parents singing, and my whole class was invited. The “Splish and Splash” clowns did pool games, there was face painting and a music session. I remember feeling like it was a big deal, and I was the star.

Sometimes when you are throwing parties for the younger ones, you wonder if they will truly remember the day, and this memory is proof of they will!

My first-born turned 7 years old this past month and I was a WRECK! How is my first baby this grown up?!

Zach has been enthralled with the Miami Canes and Miami Heat since we first moved here. He’s started playing basketball too (and is REALLY good!). I love watching him develop his skills and become a great team player. He basically lives with a basketball in his hand at all times.

My Zach has an opinion about everything, so he helped me plan the party and we decided to go with a Miami Heat and Canes themed party. Choosing the venue was important because I wanted to make sure basketball could be played in an indoor environment. I also wanted a one stop shop where we could just show up and they handle it all. I was so glad to find All Star Party World because they offer basketball in a fun room with neon decor accents and so much more. To dress up the party room at All Star, I hired Goin Bananas Miami to do our balloon decor and dessert table set up. They are an awesome vendor that works at All Star Party World often and I highly recommend them! So talented and professional. The cake was from Cakes by Rebekah who creates incredible masterpieces with her cakes and cake pops.

When Shaun and I got married, we had a very special guest join the wedding and it made the night so memorable for everyone. Lebron James had just won the national championship and was being interviewed by Sports Illustrated at the hotel we were getting married at, The Ritz Coconut Grove. We were able to snag a picture with him after our first look and the picture went viral! We showed up on his interview with David Letterman, radio shows and all the “Wedding Crasher” plates of every tabloid for the next five years. It was bonkers and probably my biggest claim to fame thus far.

Well, I wasn’t able to get on Lebron’s calendar in time for this event ha! So I decided to think about other special guests that would bring some WOW factor.

Then it hit me – if the kids would be playing basketball…what completes a basketball game?

A mascot and cheerleaders!

I was able to have The University of Miami Canes Mascot, Sebastian, and University of Miami cheerleaders to visit as special guests! Zach was SO excited because the Canes are his college team, of course. We are so excited they’re in the final four this year!!!! He was so surprised when they showed up and loved every moment.

Zach’s basketball themed birthday party was one our whole family enjoyed. The venue was fun and easy, decor on-point and EASY (most important as a busy mama of three!) and special guests were a total hit. At the end of the day when he was going to bed, he said to me “Mom, this was the best day ever.” I’m big on celebrating whenever we can, even if it means going above and beyond to make it happen. And this moment right here was exactly why I love planning parties for my kids, I know this party is going to be one of the parties he will remember forever.

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