Mommy Camp: Surviving Summer Break

Ah, summer break! That magical time of year when school closes its doors, and parents all over the world welcome their little cherubs back into their lives for a solid couple of months. For moms like me, with two energetic boys and a fearless toddler girl, it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the chaos and […]

Children who Grow up With Jam with Jamie

There is nothing that I love more than seeing your children grow with us, and sharing the love of music in such a formative stage of life. Music has an incredible impact on enhancing all areas of child development. It helps the body and the mind work in sync. It is my strong belief that […]

Backyard Pool Party Fun!

By now you know this about me, I love planning my kids parties. Give me a theme and I run with it. My son, Evan, is obsessed with number blocks. Every single day we get in the car it’s “Mom put on number blocks!” Begrudgingly, I do because my sanity and calm in the car […]

Zach’s Miami Basketball Birthday Party

Do you remember your birthday parties during the elementary school years? I have a vivid memory of a pool party at my house in the second grade. The decorations, my parents singing, and my whole class was invited. The “Splish and Splash” clowns did pool games, there was face painting and a music session. I […]

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Your Family

Jam with jamie jamie's family valentines day blog gifts and decor

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that can easily slip by for us busy parents. I find if you can grab gifts and a few decor supplies the first few days of February, you can pull it off without much planning. I also love a good element of SURPRISE. Especially, for your significant other. […]

4 ways to bring music into your home

People will often ask me, “when is a good time to introduce my baby to music classes?” I am a big believer in introducing your kids to music classes as soon as you are ready to get out. But let’s be honest, even getting out of pajamas when you have a 2 month old is a […]

10 delicious family-friendly outdoor restaurants: NYC Edition

10 delicious family-friendly outdoor restaurants: NYC Edition

We’re back with a 2nd edition of family-friendly restaurants..this time we’re going to the Big Apple!  Below I highlight ten great kid-friendly outdoor restaurants to visit while in New York City. Some are popular family restaurants, but others are hidden gems that as former local residents my family and I enjoyed throughout the 5 boroughs. […]

Five fun activities to do at home with your kids that are not Netflix

5 fun activities to do at home with your kids

Are games still a thing now that we have social media, Youtube and Netflix? Oh you betcha! Lately my boys have gotten into some fun activities like Building Blocks, Connect Four and Pokemon Battle -yes the 80s/90s are back! Although, I’m not sure how I feel about the return of that era yet. Here are […]

10 delicious family-friendly outdoor restaurants: Miami Edition

10 delicious family-friendly outdoor restaurants: Miami Edition

You can say the world is back to normal (ish). Zoom burnout is a real thing and trying to figure out what to cook and ways to entertain the kids every night is exhausting. Thankfully, while the world is still trying to figure itself out, we can pack up the kids and venture outdoors. Below, […]

5 easy steps to create the cutest Valentine’s Day Card

5 easy steps to create the cutest Valentine's Day Card

Looking for some Valentine’s day kids entertainment? Check out this great and fun craft for preschool children. We love the idea of making these at a children’s party! If crafting with your kids is actually not your jam, check out our Jam Pods and have our skilled teaching artists bring crafts, music and education right […]